The Filmmakers

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Stefan van Norden

Director, Producer

Stefan van Norden is a gardener and independent filmmaker. His previous project, Hand of Brick (2013) documents the history of the Densmore Brick Company that operated in Lebanon, NH from 1800-1974. Densmore made bricks that are the foundation for many of the structures and buildings throughout the Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire, such as Dartmouth College, as well as Vermont. Norden is the Founder of Noorden Gardening, a fine gardening service in the Upper Valley of NH.


Charles Geoghegan

Raised in rural New Hampshire, Charles comes from an artistic and musical background. After earning his BA in Visual Arts from Oberlin College, Charles studied Film & Video Production at the International Film & Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine. Continuing his education in media production, Charles moved to the west coast where he earned industry certifications in music & audio production from Pyramind in San Francisco. Shortly after graduating, Charles joined Pyramind's staff of producers & instructors where he worked first as Studio Manager and Photographer for the production division of the company, transitioning to full time Video Producer/Editor in addition to teaching Pyramind's video editing and media authoring courses. In 2013 Charles co-founded Noisy Savage, a boutique San Francisco collective specializing in music and video production. Returning to New England in 2015, Charles continues his independent freelance work in Video Production & Post-Production serving local, national, and international clients.

Video Producer & Post Producer/Editor